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This section is for presentations in the form of talks/seminars. The format for a presentation should be similar to that of a publication: author(s) with the presenter(s) bolded, followed by titles, followed by location (optional), followed by the full date, followed by the type in italics. Please use the consistent format throughout. Since these are presentations, there's no need for more than one author to be formally listed but please be mindful of your colleagues and you can use "et al." whenever you don't know or don't want to fill in names. The title (only) should point to the presentation (which can be a robust hyperlink or an uploaded file). The title can be formal (title of the actual presentation used) with same style rules as for headings (meaning that only the first letter of the title is in uppercase and the rest of the text should follow proper, nor normal, writing style) or informal (what the presentation means, which is useful when you do not know the title of the presentation). Formal titles should be used when possible. Order of presentations in each section is reverse chronological (latest first). Only the date of the presentation should be given for the date, not dates of an entire event. Aside from the single section where it is delineated as such, all presentations should be by (past or present) group members. Filename format is username_mmmddyyyy[-N].ext where -N (-1,-2,-3,...) is used when multiple instances occur in the same day.


Keynotes, conferences, workshops, panels presentations

  • Horst J, et al. [/hosts/sp1/maxa/home/www/compbio/local/people/jhorst/presentations/Dec082010/CASP9_CranioHUSKY_Horst-20101208.ppt IGF1R variants associated with isolated single suture craniosynostosis. Ninth meeting on the Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP9) methods]. Asilomar, CA. December 8, 2010. conference.
  • Horst J, et al. [/hosts/sp1/maxa/home/www/compbio/local/people/jhorst/presentations/Dec062008/Horst_Samudrala_CASP8R_Final.pptx Protein structure refinement using Bayesian-constrained torsion angle dynamics. Eighth meeting on the Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP8) methods]. Asilomar, CA. December 6, 2008. conference.
  • Samudrala R et al. Protein folding algorithms. Third IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics (PRIB 2008). Melbourne, Australia. October 16, 2008. keynote.

Exam presentations

  • Insert any general and defense exam presentations here.

Group meeting presentations

The bolded presenter name and date are the only two items necessary (in which case, the presentation file must be pointed to by the date). Informal titles, author lists, can be used liberally in this section, but consistency and completeness, though a mathematically impossibility, is appreciated by your colleagues.

  • Insert a presentation entry here.

Interactive presentations

Oren EE, Zhou M, Laurenzi A, Zhang R, Samudrala R. Understanding life at the atomic level. Paws-on-Science Huskies Weekend at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA. April 10, 2010. exhibit.

External (non group member) presentations by people

  • Insert a presentation entry here.
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