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Conserved regions (CR) in gp120 (PDB ID 3JWD)

Colors: CD4 = Magenta, gp120 = Cyan, AB H = Dark grey, AB L= green, CR1= Dark green, CR2 = Yellow, CR3 = Red, CR4 = Blue, End Of CR regions = Black,One Alphabet,Number

Far View 3jwdfar.jpg

Close View 3jwdclose.jpg

Conserved Regions (CR) in Superimposed Crystral Structures )

Crystal Structures PDB IDs : 2NXY, 1G9M,3JWD, 3NGB

1CR is only present in 3JWD and 3NGB.

Colors : 2NXY = Blue, 1G9M = Yellow , 3JWD = Green, 3NGB = Red ,End Of CR regions = Black,One Alphabet,Number


Close View 1CRclose.jpg

Far View 1CRfar.jpg


Close View 2CRclose.jpg

Far View 2CRfar.jpg


Close View 3CRclose.jpg

Far View 3CRfar.jpg


Close View 4CRclose.jpg

Far View 4CRfar.jpg

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