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(Placing an order)
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Sign and send the packaging slip to purchasing so they can close the order.
Sign and send the packaging slip to purchasing so they can close the order.
=Searching for previously submitted orders=
Unfortunately PurchasePath uses POST variables when searches are submitted, so you cannot easily create a bookmark for commonly used searches.
A Perl script to automagically POST orders will be available here. In the meantime...
If you would like to conduct a manual search:
* Log on to [ PurchasePath] using your UWNetID.
* Click on the "Search Orders" tab.
* Select search criteria
** If you are looking for a specific order, enter the order # in the the order field.
** If you are looking for orders placed by an individual, enter that name in the "Attention" field.
** If you want to see all orders for a group, select the group name in the "Unit field"
* click search

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The information in this documentation is specific to the Samudrala group. While there are useful bits of generic information to be found here, if you aren't in this group, you're probably reading the wrong documentation.


Important purchasing information

  • Coming soon.

Facilities and administrative costs (aka indirect costs)

F&A Costs pay for things like buildings, janitorial work, "general" supplies and the like. By paying these costs we ensure that we will continue to be provided with modern facilities and an outstanding support staff.

Definitions, explanations, and justification of indirect costs can be found here and here.

Placing an order

  • Coming soon.

Receiving packages

Please note that retaining packing slips is mandatory on all items received. The packing slips need to be signed and dated and returned to the purchasing office, where receipt of the package will be documented in PurchasePath.

The packing slip is Purchasing's objective data for having received an item and any item w/o a packing slip is an audit risk. Sometimes a packing slip does not accompany the arrival of merchandise but this would be a rare event and should be noted as such in PP.

The Fiscal Unit, now called FAST (Fiscal Administrative Service Team), holds quarterly meetings with lab personnel w/booster training sessions and also uses the event as a round table meeting for lab folks to troubleshoot various issues common to you all.

Closing the order

Sign and send the packaging slip to purchasing so they can close the order.

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