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(in alphabetical order of first name)

  1. Aaron Chang [09/2002-07/2005] postdoctoral fellow (NLM BMHI Fellow, Senior Scientist at Rosetta/Merck)
  2. Abhishek Devurkar [05/2010-08/2010] undergraduate fellow
  3. Andrew Flessner undergraduate fellow
  4. Andrew Nicholson [07/2005-06/2008] visiting scientist
  5. Anthony Saxon [06/2008-09/2008] undergraduate fellow
  6. Baishali Chanda [07/2005-12/2008] undergraduate fellow
  7. Brady Bernard [08/2006-12/2009] graduate fellow (currently postdoctoral fellow at ISB)
  8. Charles Simmons [06/2008-09/2008] undergraduate fellow
  9. Chris Wozniak graduate rotation fellow (currently PhD candidate at UW)
  10. Cyrus Hui [10/2007-06/2009] undergraduate fellow
  11. Chuck Mader [04/2004-12/2009] visiting scientist
  12. Daniel Bjerre [01/2007-03/2007] graduate rotation fellow
  13. David Nickle [03/2004-04/2007] graduate visiting fellow (PhD from UW, postdoc at UW, Senior Scientist at Rosetta/Merck)
  14. Daniel Lee [05/2008-07/2008] undergraduate fellow
  15. Duangdao Wichadakul [08/2005-07/2006] postdoctoral fellow (currently Senior Scientist at BIOTEC, Thailand)
  16. Duncan Milburn [07/2005-08/2006] postdoctoral fellow
  17. Ekachai Jenwitheesuk [05/2002-08/2007] graduate and postdoctoral fellow (currently Senior Scientist at BIOTEC, Thailand)
  18. Eric Reynolds [06/2008-09/2008] undergraduate fellow
  19. Ersin Emre Oren [05/2005-07/2010] postdoctoral fellow
  20. Galen Wilkerson [09/2002-05/2003] scientific programmer
  21. Gong Cheng [07/2003-03/2008] graduate fellow (currently at Microsoft)
  22. Imran Rashid [10/2005-01/2009] graduate fellow (NSF fellow)
  23. Jacquelin Braggin [03/2009-05/2009] graduate rotation fellow
  24. James Wacker [03/2008-05/2008] undergraduate fellow
  25. Jason McDermott [08/2001-09/2006] postdoctoral fellow (currently Senior Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories)
  26. Juni Lee [09/2006-09/2008] undergraduate fellow (SURF Fellow; currently DDS student at UW)
  27. Kai Wang [03/2003-12/2005] graduate fellow (postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania; tenure track faculty at the University of Southern California)
  28. Katherine Wang [06/2009-10/2009] high school student
  29. Kathleen Wilson [03/2001-08/2002] undergraduate fellow
  30. Kristina Montgomery [09/2005-06/2007] programme coordinator (now grants manager for the UW Microbiology Department)
  31. Lin Jiang graduate rotation fellow (PhD from UW)
  32. Liqun Yao [10/2005-03/2006] visiting scientist
  33. Lynne Townsend [08/2003-08/2004] graduate rotation fellow (currently MD/PhD student at UW)
  34. Marissa LaMadrid research associate
  35. Matt Gable undergraduate fellow
  36. Michal Guerquin [03/2004-03/2009] systems administrator (currently Software Engineer at IMDb/Amazon)
  37. Michael Inouye [04/2001-08/2003] undergraduate fellow (Mary Gates Fellow x 2 at UW; MS from UCLA; currently Analyst at the Sanger Centre)
  38. Michelle McCully graduate rotation fellow (currently PhD student at UW)
  39. Monique Franklin undergraduate fellow
  40. Nipa Jongkon [03/2009-08/2009] graduate visiting fellow, Royal Thai Fellow
  41. Noah Rosenberg [09/2004-12/2004] visiting scientist (currently faculty at the University of Michigan)
  42. Pakkakul Sungsuriya [03/2010-04/2010] visiting scientist
  43. Ramesh Vellengiri [01/2007-04/2007] graduate rotation fellow
  44. Renee Ireton [06/2007-05/2008] programme coordinator (currently technical writer at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
  45. Rob Brasier [07/2006-05/2007] undergraduate fellow (deceased)
  46. Rosalia Tungaraza [06/2006-09/2006] graduate visiting fellow (currently PhD candidate in CSE department)
  47. Sarunya Suebtragoon [05/2005-09/2005] visiting fellow (finished MS from KMUTT, Thailand)
  48. Shu Feng [04/2007-09/2007] undergraduate fellow
  49. Siriphan Manocheewa [05/2006-09/2007] visiting fellow (finished MS from KMUTT, Thailand; currently a graduate fellow at the University of Washington)
  50. Somsak Phattarasukol [01/2006-01/2008] visiting fellow (currently a graduate fellow at the University of Washington)
  51. Shing-Chung Ngan [08/2001-09/2006] postdoctoral fellow (current postdoctoral fellow at the University of Hong Kong)
  52. Sreetha Sidhartan [06/2009-10/2009] high school student
  53. Tianyun Liu [01/2004-01/2008] graduate and postdoctoral fellow (currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University)
  54. Yi-Ling Chen [08/2001-11/2004] graduate fellow
  55. Vanessa Steinhilb [11/2003-07/2004] programme coordinator
  56. Vania Wang [09/2006-09/2007] undergraduate fellow (currently UW undergraduate student)
  57. Zach Frazier [09/2003-09/2007] database administrator (currently graduate student at the University of Southern California)
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