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I joined the group as an undergraduate researcher in the summer of 2009. Since then I've worked in the group on the IRAP scoring function as developed by Brady Bernard and also led the structure prediction, refinement, and model quality assessment categories for CASP9.

Current Projects

  • CANDO: Dengue and IRAP Scoring Functions
  • IRAP+R - Combination protein structure scoring function using RAP, IRAP, and density scores.

Publications and Posters

  • M. Zhou, J. Horst, R. Zhang, R. Samudrala. Automated Model Refinement Using Knowledge Based Constraints Consensus Refinement Methods File:CASP abstract.pdf
  • M. Zhou, B. Bernard, J. Horst, R. Samudrala. IRAP+R: A Knowledge-Based Discriminatory Function for Protein Structure File:Poster irapr.pdf
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