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Home directory

Please don't make more than one home directory per disk. For accounting purposes, that directory should always be under "/{mountpoint}/home", and be the same as your username.

Temporary storage

UNIX has a directory named /tmp on every system. It is writeable by all users. Use this resource to place files temporarily while processing them.

/tmp is a shared resource. It is used by vital system processes constantly, and having it filled up means asking for trouble. It is also used by others in the group. Filling it up means others cannot use the space. So be considerate.

How much can I use?

On every farm machine, you can use 3-5GB.

To see the available space on /tmp on a particular machine, log into the machine and issue the command df -hl /:

 mikeg@karma% rsh fp129
 Last login: Tue Oct  5 16:11:41 from valine
 mikeg@fp129% df -hl /
 Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
 /dev/sda2              72G  9.6G   59G  15% /

Look at the column "Avail". If less than 5GB are free, don't use /tmp on that machine.

How much am I using now?

To see your usage, log into the machine and use du:

 mikeg@karma% rsh fp129
 Last login: Tue Oct  5 16:20:11 from karma
 mikeg@fp129% du -ch `find /tmp -xdev -type f -user $USER`
 3.6M    /tmp/mikeg/data1/file1
 7.2M    /tmp/mikeg/data2/file2
 11M     /tmp/mikeg/data3/file3
 22M     total

Look at the line that reads total.

For how long can I keep stuff on /tmp?

Keep your files there for the duration of the simulation that needs the files. As soon as they are not needed, remove them. Generally, a week should be considered long. This is temporary space aftert all.

Note: Detailed information about disk usage of farm machines is updated regularly.

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