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What we do is atomic systems biology, and we're one of the first groups to be doing it (i.e., systems biology at the all atom level since 2000). Some people have started doing it more and I believe as of 2011 this is where the future is. Thomas qualified the term "knowledge based" (in recognition of the fact that a lot of our methods use knowledge explicitly, i.e., in an informatics sense) which I think can be useful depending on the context, BUT I think it's generally a tautology. Everything is "knowledge based"... but more relevant, the physics based force fields are called "empirical" for a reason. As I indicate above, I am okay with it in certain contexts to emphasise an informatics kind of approach to problems OR to indicate the role of evolution (this is really the "knowledge" we're putting in, which is a constant theme for everything I've done research-wise since I was an undergrad).

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