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Below is a table listing the various responsibilities involved in this group and the people responsible for them. If you need anything done here, please contact the appropriate person by appending to the usernames below. To see the full name of the person identified, type in ypcat passwd | fgrep <username> where <username> is the name listed below (the reverse query may also be performed to identify the username from the first or last name).

There is a program manager for Rosen as well as a departmental administrator for various higher level managerial and budget issues. For each of these tasks, the assigned person will coordinate with them to accomplish the desired outcome, though in specific cases, it might be better for the individual to do a particular task instead of going to them. The main thing is to get things quickly and efficiently.

In case you're wondering why some names don't appear on this list:

  • Only people who are with us for longer than six months will be regular volunteers.
  • Temporary members will be asked to volunteer only as a backup and during the times they are around.
  • Each task will generally be assigned to least two people if possible (one serving as a backup).
What Detail Who
Access Building access cards and keys to room, maintenance and change requests, in coordination with Carlo D'Anna brb3
Budgets Calculation of budgets, assignment of budget numbers for purchases mark; ram
General sysadmin Hardware and software maintenance of farm and servers; new accounts; resource allocation; making sure machines are rebooted when have problems ram
Workstations sysadmin Hardware and software maintanance of workstations Users of the individual workstations; ram
Scheduling Scheduling of meetings; setting up of projectors/computers/talks before meetings; unlocking the conference room george; lhhung
Ordering and inventory Researching and ordering of equipment and supplies, keeping track of ink and paper in laser printer; inventory and maintenance of computing equipment lhhung, geetika, ram
Shipping and receiving FedExing, FAXing, mailing; unpacking supplies and equipment; assisting with returning equipment all; ram
Journals/publications Proofreading; submitting; ensuring publication costs (colour and reprint charges) are paid; publication paperwork (copyright transfers, etc.); F1000 reviews, alerts, download george; mark; ram
Group website Group website maintenance and updates; wiki; archiving; posters alaurenz; raymond; ram
New cluster setup New cluster hardware setup and software installation All for hardware; individual users, ram for software
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